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TV, Film & Media Support

TV, Film & Media Support

TV, Film & Media Support

Media productions throughout the Scottish Highlands & Islands

Ness Ribs have the expertise, resources and local knowledge to provide qualified safety crew and equipment to support marine focused TV, Film & Media productions throughout the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

The Scottish Highlands can be a remote and spectacular setting for any film, TV or Media production. Ness Ribs can help with the logistics of getting Crew and Equipment to the more isolated locations, where only stalker tracks and trails can be used and rivers may have to be crossed.

Ness Ribs can supply the following

  • Marine Safety Provision – Whether it’s a fast-flowing river or a deep cold Scottish Loch we can supply qualified, experienced crew to ensure water safety during TV, Film and Media productions.
  • Camera Boats – We operate fast and agile Ribs capable of over 40knots, with a large open deck space capable of mounting a camera tripod or launching / recovering a Drone.
  • Floating Camera Pontoons – To provide a safe waterside access or a level, non-slip platform to get a full production crew afloat for stills or filming
  • Logistics – We can supply Argo cats and Quad bikes for overland logistics along with shallow draught vessels to access remote Lochans, rivers and estuaries.

We supply pontoons for any number of film set needs. For example, we supplied pontoons as a camera platform large enough to support the full production crew and associated equipment on both Loch Etive and Loch Arkaig (credit: Salmon Fishing on the Yemen & Effie Gray). On the same production we supplied a large cabin RIB to act as “Wardrobe” a RIB for transferring staff ashore and a smaller SIB for safety provision.

A wide range of Vessels

Ness Ribs have numerous vessels available for TV, Film and Media Support. Our vessels range from 4m Zodiac’s to fast 7.8 open Ribs and 11m cabin Ribs.

So whether you need a steady platform to fly a drone to carry out aerial surveys, site inspections or photography, a small inflatable for water safety, a fast RIB for an action shot or or a Cabin Rib to provide some warm accommodation whilst on set, you can be assured that Ness Ribs can provide the right vessel tailored for your budget and project requirements

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